About Inspiration & Creativity…my “Second Fifty Years”

About inspiration and creativity…

I am easily inspired by dreams, books, taking photographs, and of course beautiful fabrics.

Each year in May, close to my birthday, I take some time to read back through my past creative/inspirational journals, read through my personal “Bucket List”, and review some creative goals I have set for myself. Many times there will be a few items on the bucket list which are also included in my list of creative goals. I can’t help but smile when I see this and can mark through the items with a date this dream, goal, or wish has become a real experience or achievement.

The year of 51dqvlDMBbL__SS500_my 50th birthday a very good friend gave me a wonderful gift…Dottie Moore’s, “Lives in Process: Creativity in the second Fifty Years”.

This has been a favorite gift for inspiration. I made a determined decision to continue celebrating with joy every day of creativity during my “Second Fifty Years”.


*** Thank you to friends and family for the Surprise Birthday Party last week…..I am still celebrating !!

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