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It has been a while…“Practice, Practice, Practice!” !

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Ok, I finally finished a project! The name of the quilts is “Practice, Practice, Practice!” ! I wanted to become proficient using the Sunshine 16, or Penelope as she is better known. The only way to master a new machine is to practice. So, this is the result.

You will notice some of the stitching is larger/ smaller, tightly stitched, and then a wider design. I found this happened due to my mood when sewing. Even though I did mark some of the quilting designs, I just could not seem to stick with the structure of stitching on the lines. Sort-of like a child coloring outside the lines.


My next project, I will try to listen to the same Diane Lochala; dcl55@live.com; All Rights Reserved;music as I quilt throughout the whole project. Also, it would help if I could stay with my project once I get started. There would be several weeks between quilting sessions with this quilt. That is not a good thing Smile

OK, now off to a new project….

Moving is not fun …

I finally have my sewing room set up and my MS Penelope ready to quilt! YAY!!

It has been an ordeal and I am so happy to be finished. Now to start a new project in my new home Smile






some of the fabric …IMAG5535

Starting Over…

Or  maybe it should be “Starting Anew”?

I had put the blogs on hold for over a year while as Life grew more hectic. There have been many changes since I last updated. I hope I can find my spirit of creativity once again.

A bit of very happy news, I did attend the AQS Quilt Week with my BFF Allison. We had a wonderful week of resting, quilts, good food, more quilts, laughs, new quilt dreaming, and feeling blessed to be together again.

We did something we had set as a goal over 6 years ago. We each tried out many of the sit-down table model mid arm/long arm machines. It was awesome! I picked out a Pennywinkle Sunshine 16 and Allison chose a Sweet Sixteen. It was time…we felt we made the correct choices and now we start a new era of creativity.

Wish us luck!

Meet Ms Penelope- She fits perfectly in front of the east window of my new quilting room.

DSCF6623  meetPenelope


DSCF6890  DSCF6886

Happy Week-End!

Art Quilt Portfolio – People & Portraits Profiles of Major Artists Galleries Of Inspiring Works, by Martha Sielman

Martha Sielman has presented another fabulous compilation of inspiring art quilts. This most recent publication profiles a number of major quilt artists of our time.

People and portraits[3]This edition does not disappoint with the rich colors of the quilt photography. The essays shared by the artists will grab your interest as you admire the details of the fabrics, painting techniques, photo imagery, and the quilting patterns. The range of art quilt styles is refreshing. In this edition you will find abstract, primitive, and the more detailed pictorial expressions for the portraits.

One of the impressive features of this new Art quilt Portfolio is the enlightening amount of information regarding the the artists and the art quilts for the reader. As I read the backstories and the inspirations for the quilts, I felt drawn into the piece. The quilt themes are separated into categories which highlight Happiness, Contemplation, Community, Icons, Family and Friends, Work, and Play.

Art Quilt Portfolio – People & Portraits is a good balance of the creative variety among current quilt artists. The book itself is designed as a convenient size for display or for carrying to meetings at guilds or among friends. An inspiring addition for your art quilt library!

Odds and Ends… Quilt Blocks, Small Quilts, Novelty Fabric

A quick project which can lead to wonderful results is lurking in your stack of UFO’s!

Go ahead, pull them out again.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find completed blocks, wall quilts you no longer display, and an array of experiments you started which are begging to “Become Something”.


Let’s make some pretty and colorful pillows!

For a simple pillow, cut a piece of  fabric the size of the block or small quilt you want to use as the pillow top. Place the two fabric pieces right sides together, and sew three connecting sides. Now turn the pillow cover right sides out and lightly press the side seams smooth or flat. Insert a pillow form into the pillow cover and then whip stitch or machine stitch the open end closed. Let your creative inspiration begin…time to embellish the pillow top with ribbons, beads, braid or bows.

DSCF1437b  DSCF1442c


Weddings, Photographs and Fabrics…

I had the perfect opportunity to test the services of fabric printing by Spoonflower, a custom fabric printing service.  www.spoonflower.com

My nephew announced his engagement to his beautiful girlfriend a few months ago and I wanted to make a special gift for them. They are an awesome couple who are the definition of a modern day cowboy & cowgirl. They love their horses and enjoy the cold snowy days of living in the west.

I decided to use the pictures which were taken for their wedding announcement and make a king size bed runner.  I used my imaging software program to make a few changes to the pictures and uploaded them to the Spoonflower site. Voila! The fabric which I ordered and received was printed beautifully!

It was hard to take pictures of the finished bed runner, but a few images are below.  I made the runner larger than a standard size so the happy couple could use it to cuddle on the couch with their dogs on cold winter evenings.

Congratulations Gavin and Vanessa!



574706_3738038692786_1817139107_n  304528_3738059493306_1043940401_n


And the sweet bride danced in the rain….


Inspired by “Beautiful Bargello”…

Since it seems my own creative inspirations have been blocked recently..(as in the past few months)…I decided I could make another Bargello quilt and then embellish it as the muse directs my thoughts. I love the look of well designed Bargello Quilts!

I downloaded a book of patterns from the  Clotilde.com website , Beautiful Bargello.  

I enjoy digital books, especially since I am living with my mom, (as her caregiver), and I have limited room for books. The  format for Beautiful bargelloBargello is in PDF which makes it easy to view on most all ereaders and printing the instructions from my laptop is super easy. Having the document on my phone is a plus when  shopping  for fabrics.

So, if you are considering downloading an instruction book for a digital device or computer, go for it! You may be surprised at how helpful this book format can be.



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